Our Staff

The professional staff at The Gathering Place are committed, engaged, friendly and knowledgeable.  We hold ourselves to the highest of standards, making sure that you and your family members hold us in the highest confidence.

Our Principles

Empathy and compassion!  We love to see our friends, families, staff and visitors smile. Those smiles are proof of satisfaction.

Warmth and  inspiration!  We love to hold hands, reminisce and share stories and dreams.  Everyone has a "My Story" album that is a forever work of art.

Joy and fun!  We love to dance, sing and learn new things.  A variety of art and sewing classes, glee and garden clubs, music, intergenerational  programming and even online learning classes engage and delight all.

Support and dignity!  We are always ready to lend a hand or an ear. We strive to understand what dignity means to each person and respect it.

Safety and Security!  We are committed to maintaining a safe environment for all.  TGP engages a combination of training, technology and practices that assures safety and security.  Whether its our building, our staff and volunteers or a contract service you can rest assured  we haved used a rigourous process to assure safety.  Prior to employment we conduct several background checks and personally verify references to make sure that we’re hiring great additions to our TGP family.

Who are our Staff?

The Gathering Place employs more than 50 staff to meet the ever-changing interests and abilities of those we serve.  They bring experience from many environments, wear many hats daily and work closely together to keep us running smoothly.  Our staff arrive smiling ready to roll up their sleeves and do whatever needs to be done for you and TGP.  

  • Day Center and Home Care Program assistants are the pillars who support every aspect of our services
  • Activity staff develop and coordinate interesting and engaging activities
  • Transportation staff work diligently to coordinate transportation to and from the Center and medical appointments on days of attendance
  • RNs and LPNs direct, monitor and provide health and wellness services.  They are nurses and so much more
  • Social Worker assists with enrollments, referrals to outside agencies and activities
  • Enrollment staff share the news of our services in the community, assists folks with joining TGP and provides valuable information about other community resources
  • Volunteer Coordination is a top priority for TGP.  They bring their skills, hands and smile to light every day
  • Administrative Staff keep us running smoothy and are a combination of employed and community-based contract staff  
  • Leadership staff are all about the details, building collaborative relationships, assuring sustainability, building infrastructure and systems and supporting all staff


While volunteers are not formally staff, The Gathering Place could not function without them.  Volunteers share their skills and passions with our participants and lend many helping hands for our staff.  Whether its music, crafts, games, one-on-one or holding a hand...our volunteers are fantastic!

Guests, Interns and Entertainers

The Gathering Place welcomes special guests such as elementary and high school students from area schools, local musicians, artists and undergraduate and graduate program interns. These wonderful folks bring their wisdom, gaiety and their hearts to TGP.

TGP Faces

Here are some of the faces you’ll see when you come and visit The Gathering Place:

Staff at The Gathering Place
Staff at The Gathering Place