Fall Open House

Fall Open House & Raffle for Art by Tim Wood

Join us for wine and refreshments November 6th, 2015 from 4 pm – 8 pm at 30 Terrace Street in Brattleboro VT. 

We'll be holding a raffle for art by Tim Wood as part of the event. Tickets can be purchased on our website or at 30 Terrace St., Brattleboro Drawing will be held on December 18, 2015. Winners will be called and announced on our Website & Facebook page!

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Tim Wood Brattleboro Print

Tim Wood – Water Media Artist

Tim Wood is a self – taught water media artist from Southern Vermont. His work focuses on capturing the surrounding New England landscape, highlighting the history and passage of time present in all his subjects. This is particularly evident in his coastal New England pieces, where he prefers to paint the battered North Atlantic fishing fleet. “There are plenty of artists that are really great at painting sailboats, but I see a work ethic and a sense of history when I view these old working boats. That is what I try to bring to those paintings,” the artist states. Tim has not been an artist all of his life. In fact he failed every high school art course he ever took. “I just had no interest in art at all unless it was an album cover or movie poster illustration,” says the artist. He advises “that all changed in my early twenties when I had an epiphany of sorts. All of a sudden I understood art and more importantly how to do it.” After a few years of dabbling with different mediums and styles, Tim became aware of Edward Hopper’s famous painting “The Nighthawks.” “This effected everything I painted after that. To this day I still ask myself if the light in my painting is as great as Nighthawks.” Tim states. Tim can be contacted at 802-348-7480 or find him on Facebook @ www.facebook.com/timwoodart

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