Payment Options

There are many different ways that program participants may pay for their The Gathering Place services. We make every effort to work with families of all income levels to ensure that our support is accessible to everyone.  The information here is intended as a guide only.  If you are in need of services please contact The Gathering Place directly for additional information regarding payment and eligibility.

Payment options include:

  1. Private Pay - The Gathering Place charges an all-inclusive rate of $17.00 per hour

  2. Sliding Fee Scale - Individuals with lower incomes that do not meet eligibility for Medicaid may be eligible to receive a scholarship **

  3. Medicaid - There are Medicaid options that may pay for The Gathering Place services ***

  4. Other Options -  Grants through the Council on Aging for Southeastern Vermont, American Parkinson’s Disease Association and Designated Agencies ****

Sliding Scale **

Sliding Fee ia an adjusted rate calculated according to income and resources. Eligible participants pay an adjusted fee funded through support from town funds, grants and fundraising.

Medicaid ***

Medicaid offers a variety of programs under which you may be eligible:

  1. Choices for Care Hi/est is a Medicaid program for people who meet both clinical and financial requirements. You must qualify financially for Long-Term Care Medicaid and clinically you must be deemed nursing home level of care.

  2. Choices for Care Moderate Needs is for individuals that do not meet the eligibility for Hi/est Needs.  This is a finite allocation that can involve a wait list.Once enrolled an individual is entitled to Adult Day and homemaker services. 

  3. Day Health Rehabilitation Services is a low income Medicaid benefit.  To be eligible you must be eligible for Community Medicaid and meet care needs requirements.

  4. Developmental Services is a Medicaid program for people who have mental health disabilities. Adult Day services can be included as part of a DS Plan of Care. Health Care and Rehabilitation Services of Southeastern Vermont (HCRS) is the designated administrative agency.

Senior Solutions and other Grants ****

  1. Dementia Grant – A small grant for those Vermonters suffering from Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia who meet requirements. The grants are typically $1,000-$1,500 / year and can be used to pay for Adult Day services.

  2. Respite Grant – This grant is intended to offer respite opportunities for caregivers. Caregivers can use the grant to pay for Adult Day services.

  3. American Parkinson’s Disease Association (APDA) offers people suffering from Parkinson’s disease two vouchers per month that pay for four hours of Adult Day services each.