The Gathering Place Services offer  enriching, life-long learning and wellness based experiences. Our person-centered approach offers a new found quality of life.  Enrollment is based on individual needs, the program's abilty to meet those needs, and availability of space.  

Gathering Place experienced staff meets with interested individuals to discuss their needs, desires, eligibility and jointly develop goals. 

Day Center Services

The Gathering Place Day Center provides services for seniors and adults over the age of 18 with disabilities.  Folks may qualify in one or more of the following areas:

  • Lives alone or with caregiver(s) and would like– or could benefit from– a supportive, stimulating, safe environment that offers opportunities for personal growth and self-expression
  • Lives with a caregiver(s) who would benefit from daytime respite
  • Has been discharged from the services of other care providers, in the process of recuperation or in need of transition or adjustment assistance
  • Physical, cognitive or psychological impairment to the extent that it interferes with the capacity for self-care

The Gathering Place is committed to providing a safe and non-threatening environment for Participants, visitors and our staff.   To assure the safety and satisfaction for our community:

  • The Gathering Place cannot accomodate disruptive behavior, those who present a threat to themselves or others, and those requiring one-on-one supervision. 
  • Attendees must be free from infectious disease and the use of drugs or alcohol that interferes with the individual’s ability to participate in the program. 

**Individuals must be willing program participants.

**No one will be refused participation on the basis of race, color, creed, marital status, age, gender, and sexual orientation, place of national origin or disability. 

Home Care Services

The Gathering Place Home Care Services offers peace-of-mind for those who prefer services in the comfort of their home.  

Eligibility requirements include:

  • You desire non-skilled services provided in your home
  • The willingness and ability to pay privately according to contract guidelines 
    • When applicable and as a courtesy TGP will provide a duplicate invoice for Long-Term Care Insurance carriers
    • Your understanding that TGP staff will provide services that are supportive in nature
  • Your willingness to provide necessary equipment and supplies 
  • That you understand that TGP will provide services subject to the availability of staff according to a pre-established schedule
  • That you do not pose a threat to self or others

Our Home Care services are not covered under Medicare, in some cases private long-term care (LTC) insurance may offer coverage. A physician's order is not required as the need for care is not deemed medically necessary and homebound status not required.