HHS Secretary Azar Praises Merck’s Decision to Cut Drug Prices

Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar issued the following statement regarding Merck’s decision to substantially reduce prices for a number of drugs:

“The President’s blueprint for lower drug prices is working, drug prices are coming down, and American patients are going to see the savings in their pocketbook. We welcome Merck’s decision to reduce prices and restrain future price hikes.

“This decision is a response to President Trump’s blueprint and reflects the industry’s understanding that the President is serious about bringing change to our drug markets. Actions announced by HHS this week on over-the-counter drugs, biosimilars, and importation are helping to build a wholly new system that puts American patients first. More action is on the way.”

Read the President’s “American Patients First” - PDF blueprint.

Article reprinted with permission from www.hhs.gov