Spa and Salon Services

Salon time at The Gathering Place

The Gathering Place believes appearance plays an important role in our lives.  Appearance-related support is piviotal element in person-centered environment that enhances the identities, self-expression and social participation of people throughout their life-long journey.

Looking Good Is Feeling Good

Going to the hairdresser can be an enjoyable treat for anyone – you’re pampered, primped and made to look and feel good.  But for someone with dementia or other illness, it can be all that, plus a source of sensory cues, memory triggers and much-needed support.

Research has found that a salon visit can provide sensory cues linked to appearance which could be useful for reminiscence.  What’s more, hairdressers are often ‘unofficial therapists’, providing emotional support and a close and regular relationship.   The salon is a very natural setting for reminiscing but also a place where people share insights into self-image, and voice concerns about their lives.

With pampering services such as our hair salon and manicures along with light hand massage and even facials, our participants not only enjoy their time but they look forward to it.  These practices can ease even the darkest symptoms of depression or anxiety associated with many conditions and offer enriching opportunities to share stories and smiles. Researchers have found that simply massaging lotion into the hand of a person with Alzheimer’s disease significantly improves scores on a test of psychological well being.

The Salon

Our salon offers a full line of services to our participants and is open on Tuesdays. From hair cuts, coloring services, to blow drying services, our salon can meet your loved ones needs and give them an experience they look forward to, time and time again.  For a nominal fee participant may receive a salon experience during their already planned day.

Nails and Facials

Our staff and participants enjoy nail and facial days.  The nail salon services include polish removal, shaping, moisturizing treatment, and cuticle work followed by polish.  Our signature facial includes cleansing and a hydrating mask, finished with moisturizer.

Spa Showers

Folks in need of assistance with personal care and bathing can experience our newly renovated shower rooms. Upgrades include gentle lighting and music, which contribute to the room's feel of peace and tranquility.