Day to Day Activities

Painting is a day to day activity at The Gathering Place

The Gathering Place is an exciting and fun-filled community-based service option for seniors and disabled adults.  Our program encourages independence, offering folks opportunities to make new friends, share their wisdom and live well.  


The Gathering Place offers a variety of social, recreational and educational programs to meet the individual needs and interests of each participant. Values and lifestyles are important!  Participants and families choose from a broad range of wellness-focused health and social services that reflect individual interests, talents and needs.  The Gathering Place embraces each person for who they are.

Something interesting is always happening!  The Gathering Place offers multiple activities to choose from at any given time, including card and table games, exercise, and many volunteer-led activities such as weekly visits from children at the neighboring school.   

Arts, Crafts and Quilting Too?

The Gathering Place celebrates the arts daily!  Brattleboro is well known for being an ‘urban arts oasis”.  There is art in nearly every store and restaurant downtown, and adorns the walls of The Gathering Place.  While art projects are done daily, The Gathering Place in partnership with River Gallery offers professionally led weekly classes using a variety of mediums.  It is an inspiration to see the broad variety of artwork produced here.  One phenomenal artist never picked up a paintbrush until she was 83 years old!

Quilting at The Gathering Place!  When you visit please be sure to look for the spectacular quilt displayed on the first floor.  Each square was handcrafted and the project assembled by our participants.  It is beautiful for many reasons and represents the strong sense of community among our participants and staff.  


Both group and individual games are a Gathering Place staple. A little friendly competition provides stimulation and encourages socialization.  Card games, word games, board games, wii and of course BINGO happen daily.  A local group of elementary students frequently visit for a round of fun-filled charades and volunteers share their passions.  

Cooking and Baking

The recent renovation of our Brattleboro Center includes a rehab kitchen!  Thanks to the generosity of a local family our participants gather twice a week to learn new recipes, cook healthy and what would life be without making a healthy sweet now and then?  This learning experience offers many benefits including the opportunity for smaller group conversations. 


Let's Move

Wow! It has been said that music evokes emotion and emotion memory…it’s true!  The Gathering Place offers music and music programs often.  Participants of all ages get involved and are moved by the interaction of making music together.  Singing, music therapy, dances, Tai Chi, Garden Club, women's and mens’ groups, community health classes courtesy of Bratleboro Memorial Hospital and walking club get our participants up and moving.  

Touch and Be Touched

It is actually the brain that “feels”; so tactile stimulation is brain stimulation! Using direct tactile stimulation, researchers found improvement in short-term and long-term memory as well as an improvement in general mood, socialization and participation in daily activities. Our tactile walls were designed and built by our talented Gathering Place staff!!!

Special Events

The Gathering Place welcomes individuals, student groups, civic groups artisans and others  interested in sharing their skills and experience.  Intergenerational programming is very important too!  Student performances, graduate and undergraduate interns and others wishing to spend one-on-one time with Gathering Place participants enrich our activities.  


Life-Long Learning

We firmly believe that if you’re not busy growing, you’re just not busy, and learning new things is as imperative to life as breathing.  The Gathering Place encourages participants to try new experiences and learn new things through participation and socialization.  

Learning is a respectful process where adults with disabilities and older adult learners always succeed.  When diverse learning processes are offered participants know they are being treated with dignity and respect that creates a culture of engagement.

Coming learning classes!  The Gathering Place in partnership with ALLE Learning™ will soon offer topic focused  group classes.  We know that all people possess the capacity to learn and evolve, regardless of age or situation, increasing  folks ability to make informed choices about their lives and the communities in which they live.


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